21 April 2010

Vikings 2010 schedule

The NFL released the 2010 schedule on Tuesday.It sure is going to be an interesting year with the team that we are faced up against. By the looks of it with or without Favre, the Vikes do not have many "cakewalk games."
Lets take a look.
Sept. 9 — at Saints, 7:30 p.m., NBC
NOTE:  NFC Championship rematch to open the season in Prime Time. If Favre comes back, I think he will try to give the Saints some remember me passes.
Sept. 19 — vs. Dolphins, noon, CBS
NOTE:  I am kind of glad that we have the Dolphins early, because maybe Brandon Marshall and the QB will not be on the same page just yet.  This home opener will put the Vikings secondary to the test after 10 days of rest.
Sept. 26 — vs. Lions, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The first divisional game for the Vikings should show us if  the Lions offseason moves were worth it.
NOTE:  Early byes I am not a fan of but what are you going do about it.
Oct. 11 — at Jets, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
NOTE:  We will see if all the big names that the Jets have signed this offseason are worth all the hype.
Oct. 17 — vs. Cowboys, 3:15 p.m. FOX
NOTE:  Keith Brooking is going to have a target on his back with the classless play against the Vikes in the playoffs.
Oct. 24 — at Packers, 7:20 p.m., NBC
NOTE: This is always the game I wait for every year.
Oct. 31 — at Patriots, 3:15 p.m. FOX
NOTE: The Pats will try to bounce back from being bounced out from the playoffs last season after one game.
Nov. 7 — vs. Cardinals, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Cardinals are not the same Cards we have seen last year. Loosing several key players.
Nov. 14 — at Bears, noon, FOX
NOTE:  Will Chester Taylor be the starting running back by this time? If so he is going to be seeing a lot of the Williams Wall.
Nov. 21 — vs. Packers, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Pack + the dome=Happy Viking fans
Nov. 28 – at Redskins, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Vikes will see how well McNabb fits in with the Redskins offense.
Dec. 5 — vs. Bills, noon, CBS
NOTE:  The games that Vikes are "suppose " to win make us fans uneasy. Look at the Carolina game last season.
Dec. 12 — vs. Giants, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Giants defense sunk last season after starting 5-0. This game is starting to become a rivalry game with it being to the schedule more often the past couple of years.
Dec. 20 — vs. Bears, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
NOTE: Will the Bears bounce back from last season. The Vikes and the Bears usually split one of these games.
Dec. 26 — at Eagles, noon, FOX
NOTE:  What are the Eagles expected from one of the youngest team in football. Are the rebuilding or reloading?
Jan. 2 — at Lions, noon, Fox
NOTE:  The Lions have been push over team but to win the Vikes may need this one as well. The NFL has schedules intra-divisional games for every team in Week 17 to decrease the resting of starters.

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