30 April 2010

Favre Watch 2010: Update

There was news out there is that the swelling in Favre's injured has yet to go down. Favre is pondering another off season on whether or not he should return to another season.According to da ESPN, the celebrity doctor (Dr. James Andrews) has advised Favre that he surgery is unavoidable. Dr. Andrews has came to this conclusion Favre sent his scans on his ankle and to determine why healing had not occurred.

After hearing this news how long will Favre wait to get the surgery. He will try to get it so that Favre will be available for 3rd preseason game. I think that it is funny especially that this news broke right around when the OTAs(Organized team activities) are coming into full swing.. As expected it seems like Favre will another training camp this season. What a shocker huh.

I do not think that fans should ponder if Favre will be back, it will be more like when will he be back in action with our beloved purple.

29 April 2010

Joe Webb jumps 7 bags at Ces in Atlanta

I was over at the Vikings UK blog. I saw this video was impressed with this jump by the Vikes newest receiver. Who really knows if he will make the team or just be a practice squad dummy like the ones he jumped over.

28 April 2010

No Question About It

With the draft all over and Viking drafting staff id a BIG FAT ok in my book. There is one position in particular that the Vikes did not pay much attention to. The QB position of course. The media is already trying to stir up a debate on whether or not Brett The Grey Fox will play his 20th season. The Vikes had the chance to draft Jimmy" the brat" Clausen. I am among many hoping that the Vikes would go after Clausen, at #34. It look like the Vikes did not feel the might wrath of Grandpa Brett's hand. The Vikes did not draft a "QB" more like a WR in the late rounds.Now we will have the annual Favre watch, so then the media has something to talk about.

With this move the Vikes have known all along that Brett will be back in the beloved purple and another year to piss off Packer fans that once loved him. Being in the middle of Favre Gate, my wife and I thought was hilarious to see a town turn on a player like Green Bay fans did.

Last season Brett had by far the best statical year in his career and I hope for most of the same. Is this going to be the year to shut to mouths of all these Packer fan, please I hope so.

24 April 2010

Vikes Sign 10 Undrafted Free Agents

QB R.J. Archer, William & Mary
OG Thomas Austin, Clemson
OT Matt Hanson, Midwestern State
C Tommy Hernandez, UC-Davis
WR Aaron Rhea, Stephen F. Austin
SS Terrell Skinner, Maryland
WR Ray Small, Ohio State
WR Kelton Tindal, Newberry
CB Angelo Williams, Ferris State
OT Marlon Winn, Texas Tech

The Vikes Overall Draft

What Vikings did throughout the draft was somewhat satisfying to see the talent that they were able to pick up and fill in the pieces that they needed help with. Yesterday the Vikes did manage to draft a couple of player.

The Vikes drafted both players in the 2nd round. With the 34th overall pick, the Vikes selected CB Chris Cook out of Virginia. This is an interesting pick considering some of the DBs that were still on the board at the time. Cook has great size and is a versatile player, he was drafted as a CB, but could become a safety for the Vikes.With this pick the Vikes did address one of their top needs with Winfield getting up thier in NFL years and the uncertainy of Cedric Griffin's ACL rehab from his tear in the NFL Championship game.Will Cook be worth the risk for the Vikes. I am still surprised that Vikes passed on Jimmy Clausen, but that was expected with the Vikes scared the pissed of Grandpa Favre.

The second player in the second round that Vikes selected was Toby Gerhart out of Stanford. I really like this pick. I have been watching film during the offseason. He is a bruiser and a great third down back the Vikes needed with the departure of Chester Taylor. Now it looks like Albert Young might get 5 carries again next season with the drafting of last years Heisman Tropy runner-up.
Saturdays Picks:

Everson Griffen DE,USC: It seems this might be Ray Edward's last season with this pick. Griffen is 1st round talent, but had issues off the field. He also had problems with consistent play throughout the year.This is a great pickup by the Vikes.

Chris DeGeare, OT, Wake Forest: Not that sure who this is except he is 6'4 and 325 ponds and was an ACC honorable mention.

Nate Triplett LB, Minnesota:The Vikes selected a hometown boy. Will he make the practice squad with the core the Vikes have or be a special teamer?

Joe Webb,QB, UAB: Will he be the Joshua Cribb or T-Jack?

Mickey Shuler/Ryan D’Imperio: These guy will be talent special teamers and nothing more this season at least.

In this years draft I feel the Vikes filled the poeces they were looking for and I give them a B- for a grade.
I plan on having more on some of the recent draftees of the Vikings in the upcoming week. I cannot believe it is over already.


23 April 2010

The Vikes In The 1st Round

The Vikings pick was up at the #30 and they decided there was no 1st round talent left. So what did the Vikes do trade out of the 1st round completely. The was to a team in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions. The Vikes move out of the first round saw them send the #30 overall selection (which Detroit used to select California running back Jahvid Best) and their fourth-round pick (#128 overall) to the Lions in exchange for Detroit's second-round pick (#34 overall), their fourth-round pick (#100 overall), and their seventh-round pick (#214 overall).

Now with this move what will the Vikes do? Were the Vikes hoping that CB Patrick Robinson would make it past the last 2 teams. The Viking could go with Jimmy Clausen the #2 player in entire draft class by many out there. Who would have thought that Tim Tebow would have been selected before Clausen? I am one of many that thought that Clausen would have been gone by pick 10 at the latest.

Now the Vikes have the opportunity to take Clausen at the #34 pick. He is a solid pick up as the QB of the future for the Vikings. I am think Favre as maybe one more year left in his gas tank. If Clausen is not going to be wearing the beloved purple, then who will as their 1st pick in the draft.

I can see the Vikes taking Taylor Mays out of USC Safety-The 6-foot-3 safety is one of the best pure athletes in this draft, blessed with uncanny athleticism and agility. Solidly built with raw power, he possesses incredible range and even better coverage awareness. Shows the acceleration and sheer speed to assist cornerbacks over the top. Has top notch closing burst and pursuit speed to rundown ballcarriers and stay with WRs downfield.

Brian Price DT UCLA- Has good size with excellent footwork, ethic and intangibles. Has the rare ability to elevate the play of those around him. Is quick off the blocks with decent (5.03) speed and agility. Plays with good leverage. Is always moving. Shows top notch spin moves, especially to the inside. Great energy level. Shows some strength once he is in the gap.He would be a great addition to the Wall.

The Vikes have many avenues to go with their picks today. It is going to be interesting see if the Vikes have any more trade up their sleeve.

22 April 2010

Lito Sheppard Thoughts And More

The Minnesota Vikings and Lito Sheppard agreed in terms to a 1 year deal worth 2 million. The most fans know about Sheppard was a cornerback that fuels those great Philly teams in the 00's.   Sheppard is getting up there in DB years(29), good god only a year older than me. He had a stellar career at Philly in 7 seasons voted to 2 Pro Bowl and 1 All Pro selection. The experience that Lito brings to the Vikes could supersede them taking a DB in the 1st round. Sheppard now bring the depth in the secondary that the Vikes needed.

My draft thoughts:
With this move I do not think that the Vikes will take a DB in the 1st round anymore. I did not like the idea in the 1st place. Here is a list of players that Vikes have workout:

bold-1st round talent
There are also very SLIGHT possibilities that Jimmy Clausen could slide down to #30. I would love to see it, but unlikely. Look a couple of years ago with the Smith-Rodgers draft or Russell -Quinn draft as well. With the highly touted QBs and they can easily slide down the board.

In 12 hours we will all see what our beloved Viking do with their 1st round pick #30 overall.

Skol Vikes!!

21 April 2010

Vikings 2010 schedule

The NFL released the 2010 schedule on Tuesday.It sure is going to be an interesting year with the team that we are faced up against. By the looks of it with or without Favre, the Vikes do not have many "cakewalk games."
Lets take a look.
Sept. 9 — at Saints, 7:30 p.m., NBC
NOTE:  NFC Championship rematch to open the season in Prime Time. If Favre comes back, I think he will try to give the Saints some remember me passes.
Sept. 19 — vs. Dolphins, noon, CBS
NOTE:  I am kind of glad that we have the Dolphins early, because maybe Brandon Marshall and the QB will not be on the same page just yet.  This home opener will put the Vikings secondary to the test after 10 days of rest.
Sept. 26 — vs. Lions, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The first divisional game for the Vikings should show us if  the Lions offseason moves were worth it.
NOTE:  Early byes I am not a fan of but what are you going do about it.
Oct. 11 — at Jets, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
NOTE:  We will see if all the big names that the Jets have signed this offseason are worth all the hype.
Oct. 17 — vs. Cowboys, 3:15 p.m. FOX
NOTE:  Keith Brooking is going to have a target on his back with the classless play against the Vikes in the playoffs.
Oct. 24 — at Packers, 7:20 p.m., NBC
NOTE: This is always the game I wait for every year.
Oct. 31 — at Patriots, 3:15 p.m. FOX
NOTE: The Pats will try to bounce back from being bounced out from the playoffs last season after one game.
Nov. 7 — vs. Cardinals, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Cardinals are not the same Cards we have seen last year. Loosing several key players.
Nov. 14 — at Bears, noon, FOX
NOTE:  Will Chester Taylor be the starting running back by this time? If so he is going to be seeing a lot of the Williams Wall.
Nov. 21 — vs. Packers, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Pack + the dome=Happy Viking fans
Nov. 28 – at Redskins, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Vikes will see how well McNabb fits in with the Redskins offense.
Dec. 5 — vs. Bills, noon, CBS
NOTE:  The games that Vikes are "suppose " to win make us fans uneasy. Look at the Carolina game last season.
Dec. 12 — vs. Giants, noon, FOX
NOTE:  The Giants defense sunk last season after starting 5-0. This game is starting to become a rivalry game with it being to the schedule more often the past couple of years.
Dec. 20 — vs. Bears, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
NOTE: Will the Bears bounce back from last season. The Vikes and the Bears usually split one of these games.
Dec. 26 — at Eagles, noon, FOX
NOTE:  What are the Eagles expected from one of the youngest team in football. Are the rebuilding or reloading?
Jan. 2 — at Lions, noon, Fox
NOTE:  The Lions have been push over team but to win the Vikes may need this one as well. The NFL has schedules intra-divisional games for every team in Week 17 to decrease the resting of starters.

19 April 2010

Not That Easy

It was last year at this time I knew exactly who the Vikes would take with their 1st round pick. Right now, I am torn to whom the Vikes will be selecting Thursday night with the 30 overall pick.I am thinking with an interior offensive linemen or a DB to be greatest needs for the team.The Vikes do need an interior offensive linemen(guard/center) to open holes in the middle for All Day and whoever the 3rd down back is going to be next season. The player I am watched and love his attributes is Maurkice Pouncey. He has had mixed reviews on how high he may be going. He is predicted to be a mid to low 1st round selection.

With all the "expert" mockers out in the blogosphere voicing their professional opinion, that the Vikes should go the DB route.Why would the Vikes go this route? The aging Antonie Winfield and Cedric Griffin coming off of major ACL surgery.  The player they have is: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers. He is being compared to Ronde Barber, Buccaneers.McCourty has a great combo of speed and physical play. The only dis again him was he may be taken advantage of by the Brandon Marchalls of the league(big and physical receivers). He is very competitive and durable DB(something that the Vikes need) a leader on the field and has a nose for the ball.

Another prospect that is being thrown around in late 1st round is Brian Price, DT UCLA. With the aging Phat Pat Williams,having durability issues the past 2 seasons and being bogged down with injures. Price has the ability to explode off the ball and battle til the whistle blows.The Vikes do not NEED a DT, but could gain good experience being a sub behind the Williams Wall. He would fit right into the Vikes 4-3 defense.

One of these three players cold very well be holding a Vikings jersey Thursday night. It is really anyone's guess who the Chilly squad in going to be selecting. If I had to choose it would be  Devin McCourty. The whole country will know later this week.

16 April 2010

T-Jack News and More

The Restricted Free Agent tneder period coming to a close at 11pm last night. The news broke that Tarvaris Jackson will sign a one year tender for the Vikes this season. Of course there was no team willing to give up a draft pick for T-Jack. His tender is worth $1.176 million.

As long as Favre comes back for his 20th season. Jackson will be riding the pine pony again this season with very limited playing time again.

The NFL finally announced that the regular season schedules will be released on Tuesday. This has been one of the offseasons worst kept secrets. Everyone knows that it happens before the draft. The Vikes know whom they play already, but what order only the privileged know right now. Here are the opponets:
Bears(2 times), Packers(2), Lions(2), Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Patriots, Cardinals, and Saints.
This is no 2009 schedule that is for sure, I am hoping for 11-12 wins this season and that is an optimistic guess.

14 April 2010

Edwards and Seattle Possibility

This post is coming a day after Patrick Kerney announced that he will be retiring from the NFL. Now with this departure, the Seahawks have a hole at the DE spot.Ray Edwards is probably one of top DE's on the market this season.This would be a logical thought by the Seahawks.  So will the Seahawks be interested in Ray Edward, who has yet to sign a tender with the Vikes. He has until Thursday to sign a tender offer from another team.

Is Edwards worth 1st round pick in the draft. This what a team would have to give up if another team signs Edwards and if the Vikes DO NOT match the offer. The Seahawks have the number 6 in this years draft. Edwards does not get very much attention from other teams. The teams are usually more worried about Mullet Man and the Williams Wall in game preparations. This might be a reason why he had a great last quarter of the season and a superb game in Dallas.In 2009, he had career high in sacks 8.5 and in tackles with 43. Is this enough to merit the 'Hawk to acquire Edwards?

The gamble with draft are much of the time hit or miss. If the Seahawks go after Edwards for give up one of their 1st round picks, at least they will know what they are getting in return. If anything like this were to happen this would take place in the next couple of days. My guts says that Edwards will stay put with the Vikes, but who knows with the Vikes.Look at some of the crazy trades they have done in recent years(Moss and Pepper).

12 April 2010

Tebow In Chilly's Sights

With the "uncertainty" of Brett Favre to return for his 20th season and it would be his 2nd as a Viking. In my opinion, I think that Vikes should go with an OL in the first round.There have been rumors that Chilly would like to have Tebow, but will he gamble to wait that  extra round to acquire him. Will Chilly feel like that this is their guy for the future?

I have been talking to some of  my friends at work(all Packer fans) that it would not shock me if the Vikes were to take Tebow in the 1st round. The way that Chilly is sometimes, look at the T-Joke draft strategy. The Vikes traded up to get Jackson(two third round picks). Remember Chilly tried to develop T-Jake into an NFL star QB. I must say that worked out great.

It would be a nice reunion for Tebow and Harvin, whom both were on the Florida Gators National Championship team 2009.Tebow would be on the same page as one receiver already. For most of the offseason, Tebow has been retooling his release, so that he can be draft as a QB and not a H-Back.

Is Tim Tebow worth a 1st round risk? Only time will tell, if the Vikes will take him with thier 30th pick or hope he is available for their 62nd pick.

10 April 2010

No DB in 1st Round

With Mock Draft Mania in full swing right now, everyone has an opinion about who should select who.I think that the Viking will  select a DB, but not until the second day. The last time the Vikes have selected a DB in the 1st round was in 1994 draft with the 18th overall pick they selected DeWayne Washington.

With the injury that Cedric Griffin sustained in the NFC Championship game. There is now a hole in the cornerback spot. He will be back this season not 100%. but back nonetheless. What is really the reasoning of using the a 1st round pick to fill a starting spot(temporarily).It does make much sense to me to spend all that money on a player that might be a special teamer by mid-season.

The offensive line has more needs right now than the defense. I like the kid out of Florida Maurkice Pouncey. He can play either center or guard. The Vikes last season were in a world of hurt when it came to the inside blocking game. Hutch had  lingering back issues for the last quarter of the season.
According to NFL Network here are his strengths:

Pouncey has the size and quickness we look for in an interior offensive lineman. Has the versatility to play both center and guard. Exhibits great awareness and can handle complex defensive line play. Really active. Displays impressive body control and balance when getting out in front in the running game. Plays with good leverage.
 It looks like Pouncey would be available for the Vikes at the 30th pick of the 1st round. I am sure All Day would like the have more of those big runs that he lacked last season.Pouncey would be an asset to the Vikes in the in 2010.

07 April 2010

Grandpa Gunsliger

The news broke Saturday or Sunday about Brett Favre. It did not involve, if Brett would be coming back or not.Way to early for those thoughts. The news was that he was going to be a grandpa. Favre announced on his site, on Friday when his 21-year-old daughter, Brittany, gave birth to a 7-pound, 7-ounce boy named Parker Brett.

After becoming a grandpa now Favre feels old.After being in a game over 10 years of service is getting up there. Favre is considering on his 20th year. The NFL is researching to see if Favre is the 1st ever grandpa to play the game.

Here is a quote from Favre:
 Favre told ESPN that this "makes things more complicated, but right now I'm not thinking much about football," when asked how this might impact his future.

05 April 2010

Mock Draft Round 1 Version 1.1

Here is an updated version of my 1st round mock draft.

Round 1
1.1) St. Louis- Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
1.2) Detroit-Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska*
1.3) Tampa Bay- Gerald McCoy,DT Oklahoma*
1.4) Washington-Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
1.5) Kansas City-Bryan Bulaga, OT Iowa*
1.6) Seattle-  Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
1.7) Cleveland- Eric Berry, FS/CB Tennessee
1.8) Oakland- Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland
1.9) Buffalo- Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State*
1.10) Jacksonville- Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State
1.11) Denver- Rolando McClain, ILB Alabama
1.12) Miami- Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB USF
1.13) San Francisco- Joe Haden, CB Florida
1.14) Seattle- CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
1.15) NY Giants- Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Missouri
1.16) Tennessee- Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech
1.17) San Francisco- Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers
1.18) Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas, FS/CB Texas
1.19) Atlanta- Brandon Graham, DE Michigan
1.20) Housto­­n- Taylor Mays, SS USC
1.21) Cincinnati-Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State
1.22) New England- Jared Odrick, DT/DE Penn State*
1.23) Green Bay- Charles Brown, OT USC
1.24) Philadelphia- Brandon Mhee, CB,Wake Forest *
1.25) Baltimore- Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
1.26) Arizona- Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB Texas
1.27) Dallas- Mike Iupati, OG Idaho
1.28) San Diego- Dan Williams, DT/NT Tennessee
1.29) NY Jets- Jerry Hughes, DE\LB, TCU
1.30) Minnesota- Devin McCourty, CB Rutgers
1.31) Indianapolis- Maurkice Pouncey, OG/C Florida
1.32) New Orleans- Daryl Washington, OLB TCU

*- denotes change in the teams pick.

03 April 2010

2010 Mock draft 1.0

 This is my 1st round of 2010 mock draft so far.It is going to be interesting to see how far a players draft stock will rise or plummet in the next couple of weeks.

1) St. Louis- Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
2) Detroit- Gerald McCoy,DT Oklahoma
3) Tampa Bay- Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
4) Washington-Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
5) Kansas City- Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
6) Seattle-  Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
7) Cleveland- Eric Berry, FS/CB Tennessee
8) Oakland- Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland
9) Buffalo- Bryan Bulaga, OT Iowa
10) Jacksonville- Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State
11) Denver- Rolando McClain, ILB Alabama
12) Miami- Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB USF
13) San Francisco- Joe Haden, CB Florida
14) Seattle- CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
15) NY Giants- Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Missouri
16) Tennessee- Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech
17) San Francisco- Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers
18) Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas, FS/CB Texas
19) Atlanta- Brandon Graham, DE Michigan
20) Housto­­n- Taylor Mays, SS USC
21) Cincinnati-Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State
22) New England- Chris Dunlap, DE, Florida
23) Green Bay- Charles Brown, OT USC
24) Philadelphia- Jared Odrick, DT/DE Penn State
25) Baltimore- Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
26) Arizona- Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB Texas
27) Dallas- Mike Iupati, OG Idaho
28) San Diego- Dan Williams, DT/NT Tennessee
29) NY Jets- Jerry Hughes, DE\LB, TCU
30) Minnesota- Devin McCourty, CB Rutgers
31) Indianapolis- Maurkice Pouncey, OG/C Florida
32) New Orleans- Daryl Washington, OLB TCU